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Type: Article or book chapter
Year: Publication year
Source: Journal or book
Category*: Broad scope of the publication.
Research topic (monarch & supporting research only)*: Specific topic.
Geographic focus*: Geographic setting for field studies.
Monitoring data used: Data from monitoring or public data efforts.
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Category: Population dynamics
Type: Article
Year: 2016
Inamine H, Ellner SP, Springer JP, Agrawal AA. Linking the continental migratory cycle of the monarch butterfly to understand its population decline. Oikos. 2016 Apr 1.

Category: Population dynamics
Type: Article
Year: 2015
Badgett G, Davis AK. (Online Early.) Population Trends of Monarchs at a Northern Monitoring Site: Analyses of 19 Years of Fall Migration Counts at Peninsula Point, MI. Annals of the Entomological Society of America.

Category: Monarch research, Population dynamics
Type: Article
Year: 2012
Davis AK. 2012. Are migratory monarchs really declining in eastern North America? Examining evidence from two fall census programs. Insect Conservation and Diversity 5: 101-105.

Category: Monarch research, Migration
Type: Article
Year: 2004
Meitner CJ, Brower LP, Davis AK. 2004. Migration patterns and environmental effects on stopover of monarch butterflies (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae) at Peninsula Point, Michigan. Environmental Entomology 33: 249-256.

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