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MonarchNet News, November 2016

The November 2016 MonarchNet News features new citizen science research around the conservation actions of monarch citizen science volunteers, what role citizen science can play in scientific communication, and how technology is expanding the field of citizen science!
MonarchNet News July 2016 front page

MonarchNet News, July 2016

The July 2016 MonarchNet News features the launch of the brand new journal 'Citizen Science: Theory and Practice', a summary of new butterfly citizen science research on how volunteers engage in conservation outside their project, the latest updates and more!

MonarchNet News, April 2016

The April 2016 MonarchNet News launches the summer field season with citizen science updates, news, training opportunities and more. In this issue you'll find upcoming citizen science events and training, an article by volunteers about an amazing milkweed discovery this winter, the latest trends in citizen science, and an update on the monarch migration.

MonarchNet News, February 2016

The February MonarchNet News reports on exciting citizen science updates and gives great tips for Gearing up for the Spring Migration! Find out what you can do to get ready for the next season of citizen science monitoring, how the volunteer counted western overwintering monarch population is doing, when the new Citizen Science Day is going to be, and what the new Monarch Joint Venture Science Coordinator thinks about citizen science.

MonarchNet News, December 2015

The December MonarchNet News includes updates about new citizen science articles and books about everything from parasitoid wasps to sasquatch; a researcher spotlight on citizen scientist Gayle Steffy, a dedicated volunteer who published her own research with her citizen science results; and information about citizen science projects with data available online.