Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network

The Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network engages citizen scientists in the process of collecting quantitative data on butterfly populations. Their goal is to provide data collected with a standardized protocol that allows land managers to evaluate long-term trends in a changing landscape. The Network also offers opportunities for fellowship, mentorship, and continuing education between citizen scientists and professional biologists.


Coordinator: Taron, Doug
Program Date(s): 1987
Institution Type: Museum
Institutional Affiliation: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Species Focus: All butterfly species


Protocol Type: Restricted search, Pollard
Data Type(s): Abundance
Survey Focus: Adults
Incidental Data Collected: Weather, Habitat notes
Effort Tracking: Time spent monitoring each route is recorded.
Protocol Notes: A typical pollard protocol but with detections allowed up to 20 ft (~9m) on either side and in front of observer. Route length varies and contains multiple sections divided by habitat. Volunteers must complete at least 6 visits between Jun1 and Aug 7, but higher frequencies and visits outside these dates are encouraged. All butterflies observed during each survey are recorded.