Journey North

Journey North engages students and citizen scientists around the globe in tracking wildlife migration and seasonal change. Participants share field observations across the northern hemisphere, exploring the interrelated aspects of seasonal change. In addition to monarchs, Journey North tracks the migration of several other species, including hummingbirds, robins, gray whales, whooping cranes, bald eagles, and tulips.


Coordinator: Howard, Elizabeth
Program Date(s): 1997
Institution Type: Other
Species Focus: Monarchs
Contact Person: Elizabeth Howard


Protocol Type: Opportunistic, First sighting, Sighting
Data Type(s): Presence only
Data Availability: Contact Journey North for data access.
Survey Focus: Adults, Juveniles, Milkweed
Incidental Data Collected: Weather, Habitat notes
Visit Frequency: Opportunistic
Protocol Notes: Observers log in to the website and report when they see the first adult, milkweed, egg/larvae of the spring season. In fall, observers can report roosts and adult migrants. Anecdotal, non-migratory sightings can also be reported and this includes any winter breeding.